When you log in you'll see a menu called "Latest SuperForce Postings".  That is where the very newest postings appear, so you want to keep an eye on that one.


To the right of that menu is the SuperForce Updates menu and that is where you'll see any additional commentary as well as our comprehensive SuperForce Weekend Update. 


The Weekend Update is designed to prepare you for battle for Sunday Nite and Monday Morning, as the markets open, and you should refer to that Update on a consistent basis throughout the week. 


To the lower left, are some menus where you can access your specific favourites.  We cover the Stock Market, Bonds, Gold & Silver, Commodities, Energy; all the major markets. 




Moderation is the key to professional wealth building.

Here are the rough rules of thumb for trade size.

SF25 SIGNAL: Allocate roughly 0.25{dedd19eb078a3a2feb9e74b4c455057ef894d44e5233c604927a365ace5e2b26} of the account to the signal.

SF50 SIGNAL: Allocate roughly 0.50{dedd19eb078a3a2feb9e74b4c455057ef894d44e5233c604927a365ace5e2b26} of the account to the signal.

SF75 SIGNAL: Allocate roughly 0.75{dedd19eb078a3a2feb9e74b4c455057ef894d44e5233c604927a365ace5e2b26} of the account to the signal.

SF100 SIGNAL: Allocate roughly 1{dedd19eb078a3a2feb9e74b4c455057ef894d44e5233c604927a365ace5e2b26} of the account to the signal.



The signals can be used by those who do enjoy stoplosses, and a 3{dedd19eb078a3a2feb9e74b4c455057ef894d44e5233c604927a365ace5e2b26} - 10{dedd19eb078a3a2feb9e74b4c455057ef894d44e5233c604927a365ace5e2b26} stoploss size is preferable in that case.  We don’t use stoplosses because of the very small trade size, and because of our accumulation orientation. 


Enjoy the site. 

Thanks for your business. 


The Superforce Team